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Type in your address and see if there are any available routes near you.

If you want to see if we have any available routes near you, this is the place where you can find that information. The only thing you need to do is to write your postalcode, streetname and number of your house in the formular you find below. When you press “Find rute” you will see which routes are available in the area that you have selected.

If there is a route that you are interested in, all you have to do is to mark it and fill in the application form that shows up after selecting a route. You are also welcome to select the routes that are marked as “Ikke ledige ruter”, then we will contact you if the route becomes available.

Each route is individual, but there aren’t any routes that are better than the others when it comes to the possibility of making money. Each route has an estimated time for how long it will take to finish the route – an estimate that is calculated by the length of the route and how many commercials and newspapers there are. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have any preferences yourself.

We have different types of routes. We have routes in the citycenters, where the houses are close to each other and there is plenty of life. We also have countryroutes that needs to be distributed by car because the houses are far apart on calm routes. Therefore we have all type of routes for our deliverers.

If you want to read more details about the job you can find it here.

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