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Student jobs in Denmark

Are you looking for student jobs in Denmark? Then this might be the perfect opportunity for you.

We can offer you a flexible student job

It can be difficult to find student jobs in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense or the rest of Denmark. But we can provide you with that. We have job opportunities in all of Denmark and that is why it is possible for us to offer you a job as a deliverer no matter where in the country you are staying if we have an available route.
Typically we will offer you a student job on that street you are living on or at least close by. This way it isn’t necessary for you to use time in transportation. This will save you money that otherwise would have been spent on train fares and bus fares.

The student job as a deliverer at FK

A student job as a deliverer is quite simple and flexible.
1-2 times a week (or more if you want) we deliver commercials and newspapers at your address – the commercials are packed in sets with addresses on. What you have to do is to distribute all the commercials and newspapers to the right addresses and make sure that every household on your route get exactly what they want.
For the commercials and newspapers we provide you with a trailer that you borrow from us. In this trailer you put the commercials and newspapers and then either go by foot or attach the trailer to your bike. Therefore this is the perfect student job in Copenhagen or another city if you are happy working outdoors and getting exercise while earning money.
After finishing the route you have to let us know that you have finished it and tell us if there has been some challenges or not during the work.
If you want to send us your application – you can fill in the application form for the student job here.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for energetic students that want to work in order to maintain their opportunity to receive SU. It is also important for us that you put an honour into quality because we need to make sure that every household gets the commercials and newspapers that they want.
Besides that this student job in Denmark doesn’t require any specific educational background. You just need to speak English to an understandable level.

Want to apply for the job?

If you see yourself taking this student job in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense or another city in Denmark and have the required documents you can fill in our application form for the job. You find it here.
Then you might get offered this flexible job that matches your life as a student. We give you the opportunity to plan your work day yourself and thereby give you an option to make the student job fit into your social life, assignments and all the other things you need to make sure is in order when you are a student in Denmark.
We are looking forward to hearing from you and receiving your application for this student job in Denmark.

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