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See our videos about the job as a distributor

Here, as a distributor, you can find relevant videos about your job.We have devided the videos in three categories: before, under and after your distribution.

Before you are doing your distribution:

Delivery sequence on the route
Understand your delivery information
Normal set and NejTak+ set and how to pack your trolley
Sådan omdeler du korrekt
How to distribute correctly
How to mount the trolley to your bike
SMS og status calls

When you are distributing your route:

How to understand your bundlenote
More titles of newspapers
Distribution to apartments and if something goes wrong
What does the marks and signs means on the mailboxes
What is Bekey

When you have finished your distribution:

How to finish your route
The pointsystem (distributors under 18 years)
Everything you need to know about your salary

More relevant videos:

We have even more relevant videos for you, which you can certainly enjoy watching. Click on the links below:

New job as a distributor

How to sign your employment contract

Extra route calendar

Extra route – interview with a distributor

Holiday calendar and illness

Holiday pay

Upload your documents This video is most relevant, if you are an adult

Safety videos Safety is key in your job