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Get a flexible part time job in Denmark

Finding a part time or student job in Denmark can be hard if you don’t speak Danish. Many foreigners are interested in finding a job and typically the jobs where speaking Danish is required is quickly taken. In addition to that it is hard to find a flexible job where you can plan your work day yourself. But we can offer you exactly that. Read more about the job as a distributor right here.

5 advantages with the job as a distributor

  1. You work near your home address
  2. You get fresh air and exercise while earning money
  3. You plan your work day yourself – within our deadlines
  4. You can get off work during holidays
  5. You can make use of our discount agreements

Work near your home address with this part time job

After filling in our application form we will take a look at it and see if we have the possibility to offer you a part time job. Here we take different things in concern among others where the nearest route is located. We want to be  able to offer you a route as close to your home address as possible. This will make sure that the job is easy for you to manage. If you are interested in working further away than we recommend, you can always talk to the manager about it.

Having a part time job close to your home is an advantage to many, because it means that you don’t have to calculate transportation time to your work – instead you just go outside and start working. The newspapers and commercials for each distribution will be delivered at your doorstep or near the starting point of your route.


Want to see which routes we have near you?

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Get exercise while doing this part time job

Being a distributor at FK Distribution means that you will get paid while getting exercise. The job is a physical job where you must push a trailer while walking, ride a bike or drive around in your car. This means that you will get a lot of fresh air during your working hours.

The mix between fresh air, exercise and getting paid is something that you can’t find in every part time job in Denmark and therefor this is one of the advantages when having a job as a distributor.

A flexible part time job

The job as a distributor is one of the most flexible part time jobs, that you will find in Denmark. How your working hours will be – you can find information on here. But the most important thing to us, is that you make sure that you keep within your deadlines. The deadlines we have agreed with our customers. So if you can manage flexible working hours with a deadline, we might have just the right part time job for you.

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