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How you do the job

Being a distributor, you must deliver commercials and newspapers for households

Basically the job is all about bringing commercials and newspapers to the mailboxes of different households. We deliver all the commercials and newspapers at your home address or close to your route and then it is up to you to make sure that each set of commercials and newspapers end up in the correct mailboxes.

There can be a diversity in which type of route that you get and therefor also how the work is easiest done. But what all the routes have in common is that we deliver the commercials in the correct order. An order that you can decide yourself on our website. We also provide you with a note that tells you exactly what each household should receive. For example if they only need a newspaper, if the should get both commercials and newspapers or maybe nothing at all. In addition to that we have printed addresses on each set of commercials – this way there should be no doubt to which set of commercials belong to what household.

But there might be a slight difference in how the work is done depending on whether you have a route in the city, in the countryside or in a residential neighborhood.

When each distribution is done, you have to let us know that you are done and tell us if there has been any difficulties along the way. When finished all you must do is wait for the next delivery of newspapers and commercials. This will take place one or two times a week.

See how the job is done in this video

If you want to get an impression on how the job is done you can get a quick overview here.

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Everything is packed and ready for distribution

It is important for us that this job is as easy a possible to do. That is why we stack the commercials in sets and put an address on – next step is the delivery at your doorstep or a place near your route. The newspapers will be delivered at alongside the commercials.
The bundles of commercials and the newspapers you need to put in the trailer (or in your car) – and then you just need to start distributing. An easier job is hard to find.
Where you will get a route depends on your wishes and the agreement with the responsible manager. But it is possible as a distributor to get routes close to where you live and further away.

Routes near you

If you want to see which routes we have, you can get an overview right here.

We provide you with a trailer – if you want to borrow one

For country routes it is possible to use your own car but otherwise you should either walk or ride a bike. And due to the fact that you have to distribute several kilos of commercials and newspapers each time it is a good idea to have something to carry them in. That is why we have decided to provide our distributors with a trailer that you can use for the distribution. You can either walk with it or attach it to a bicycle.
We will lend you the trailer – but we expect you to take good care of it. We will deliver it at your doorstep before your first distribution. It is important to do everything possible for it not to get stolen. Meaning that you must put a lock on it or place it somewhere where it isn’t available for others when you don’t use it.

A car is required for country routes

If you get assigned a route in the countryside it requires that you have your own car for use in the job. What else you need to be aware of with countryside routes you can read here.
When using your own car, you’ll get mileage allowance. Read more wage and advantages here.

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