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What is the salary and other benefits

Salary as a distributor and other advantages

  • You earn holiday allowance

You get paid by the hour and earn holiday allowance

What you get paid for working as a distributor depends on a lot of different factors, for example how many hours you work, how many commercials and newspapers you have to distribute and many more. But you will have a fixed hourly rate. If you want more information you are always welcome to contact us at 70 10 40 00.
Besides your salary you also earn holiday allowance – this means that when you are on holiday you will still have an “income”.

Mileage allowance when using your own car

There are some routes that requires that our distributors have the option to use their own car. Those are the routes out in the country side where there is a distance between the houses. If the distributors use their own car, we of course pay you mileage allowance each month.
Whether or not you need to use your own car and therefor get mileage allowance, is not something you decide yourself. That is an agreement that you make with the manager that is responsible for the postal code you are going to distribute in.

Discount agreements for distributors

We provide our distributors with some advantageous discount agreements that gives you discounts on shopping, vacation, restaurants, experiences and so on. You can get more details after applying for the job because you get access to your own profile at

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