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Who can apply for the job?

Requirements and expectations

  • You need to speak english to be able to do the job

The job is for everyone but..

The job as a distributor is probably the most diverse job in Denmark. We have many employees all around the country in different ages, sexes, nationalities and so on. In total we employ over 10.000 distributors.

The only requirement that we have is that you must be at least 13 years old and there is no limit to how old you can be. Our oldest distributor for example is 86 years old. We don’t have any requirements regarding your educational level but it is important to us that we can communicate. English (or Danish of course) at an understandable level is a requirement. We would also like you to have a Danish phone number.

Besides the diversity in our employees there are several reasons for having the job as a distributor. If we take a look at our distributors (over 18) we employ students, pensionists and people with a fulltime job. What these people have in common is that they have taken the job to have an extra income as a supplement to their SU, pension or their regular salary. But there are also adults that work a couple of days a week and see the distributor job as a part time job.

Our honest opinion is therefor that the job is for everyone.

Are you interested in the job?

Then fill in our application form and we will contact you if we can offer you a job.

What do we expect from our distributors?

Even though the job is for everyone we have some expectations regarding our distributors. We want quality from our employees and look for people who are willing to cooperate with us because of the fact the correct distribution is the key to our success.

If you get hired as a distributor, we expect that you:

  • Distribute according to our instructions – therefor correct
  • are reliable and flexible
  • are willing to go the extra mile if you have the possibility to do it
  • Cooperate with us and correct any mistake
  • Like to work outdoor in all kind of weather

Requirements regarding documents from foreigners

Please be aware that if you are a foreigner and you do not have Danish citizenship we have some requirements when it comes to specific documents to be able to hire you. Find them below.

If you need help with the specific documents or have any questions please contact SIRI (The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration – Styrelsen for International Rekruttering og Integration)


  • Passport/ID card
  • Yellow card/Danish health insurance card (gult sygesikringsbevis)
  • Registration certificate (only applicable if you do not have your yellow card already)



  • Passport
  • Yellow card/Danish health insurance card (gult sygesikringsbevis)
  • Residence/work permit (the pink card)

If you have the listed documents, we will be happy to hear from you.

Can you fulfill the above requirements?

Fill in our application form. We look forward to hearing from you.