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Working hours and days

Here you find information about when you must work

When do you have to work

  • Possibility to get off work with two weeks notice

Working days are Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday/Friday

Working as a distributor is one of the most flexible jobs that you will find in Denmark – here you decide which days you want to work, of course with respect for our deadlines. We distribute two times a week for almost every single address in Denmark. (Some cities are taken care of my our partners and therefor only have one distribution a week). The first distribution in each week needs to be distributed Tuesday or Wednesday and the other distribution is set to be distributed Thursday or Friday.

This means that you have two days for each distribution and makes it possible for you to plan which days you want to work and do your job.

Deadline for each distribution is 9 pm

Even though we provide you with flexible working hours, it is important to us that you respect the deadline that we have agreed with our customers. This means that the first distribution of the week needs to be distributed no later than Wednesday at 9 am and the second distribution of the week needs to be distributed Fridays at 9 pm the latest. Which day, from the above introduced possibilities, you choose to distribute is up to you – you just need to have finished your job according to our deadlines.

This is one of the most flexible jobs in which one an easily have the pocket money even if he/she works in one route,

Distributor at FK

I am a distributor because I am a student.

Distributor at FK

I work as a distributor to support myself during my stay in Denmark.

Distributor at FK

Want to apply for the job?

You need to fill in our application form and then we will get in contact with you.

Work a few hours or up to 4 days a week

Being a distributor it is possible to work only a few hours a week and up to 4 days a week in some cities. Therefor we have distributors over the age of 18 that have only one route that takes 4 hours in total or less and other employees that have multiple routes and therefor use it as a part time job. Normally it depends on their reason for taking the job, some use it as an extra income to their fulltime job, some as a part time job, students as a student job or a whole other reason. What are your wishes?

Please understand that it isn’t in every city that we have the option to provide our distributors with work for up to 4 days a week.
If we agree that you can have a number of routes it is important that you can recognize yourself in the description that you find here: Who can work as a distributor.

Get an overview over our routes

If you want to see which routes we have and where they are located you can see them here.

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