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Freedom, flexibility, and fresh air. That’s just three of the many advantages of being a distributor at FK Distribution. Read all about the perfect work for students here.

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Then you have come to the right place! FK Distribution offers jobs all over Denmark. Read all about the student jobs that FK Distribution is offering right here.

Possibly the best student job in Denmark

FK Distribution is a distributor of commercials and newspapers. Every week, our distributors make sure that the Danish households gets the commercials and newspapers they want. Still not quite sure why this would be the perfect student job for you? Just think about this:

Freedom, flexibility and fresh air. That’s just three of the many advantages of being a distributor at FK Distribution. It is a student work with a great sense of freedom and flexibility because you alone decide your workhours within the delivery days – and you only work 1 or 2 days per week. This makes being a distributor a great student job, as you can easily balance school hours, sports, voluntary work, and other activities in your spare time with the job. Oh, and you get plenty of fresh air and exercise during your workdays!

Need more advantages? Let’s have a look at it:

7 great advantages why being a distributor is a great student job:

  1. You plan your workdays yourself
  2. You do not have to speak Danish (but you can if you like)
  3. You can get time off work during holidays
  4. You work near your home address
  5. You get fresh air and exercise during workdays
  6. You can add the job to your CV
  7. You can make use of our special discount agreements

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You do not need to speak Danish for this student job

One of the great advantages of this particular student job is that it is not required that you speak Danish. It can be quite hard finding a part-time job or student work in Denmark if you do not speak Danish, but in this job it is no problem. If you speak English, you can apply for a student job at our workplace.

Many of our distributors are students from abroad, and we welcome any workers regardless of nationality – as long as you have the right attitude and speak English, please feel free to apply for a job. We would be happy to hear from you.

What does a distributor do, exactly?

This particular student job is simple, yet important: As a distributor, you will be delivering commercials and newspapers on your own route/routes. The commercials and newspapers are packed and ready for you to be delivered, and it is either delivered directly to your doorstep or can be picked up close by your route.

It is essential to deliver everything before the deadline. Usually, you have two days to deliver everything, and we encourage you to be service-minded when you do – you will be our representative “in the field”, so your attitude is everything to us and the people you meet on your way.

You will be delivering the commercials and newspapers by trailer – you can either walk or bike with it – or by car. A car is needed for routes in the countryside, and you need to use your own car.

Routes near you

Please note that the map is currently only available in Danish and you will need to know your postal code to filter the results.

How does the application process work?

We welcome you to apply for the student position directly on this page. When you have sent us your application, we will review it and match it with available routes in your area. If you checked the map above and found no available routes, please do not lose hope – routes become available from time to time, and there might be one near you very soon.

If we have an available route, our Distribution manager for your area will contact you. We prefer to offer you a route as close to you as possible. Being close to your route makes it much easier and faster for you to manage the job. If you are interested in routes further away from your home, please speak to your manager about it. All distributors have a manager who is in charge of the individual area.

What is the salary in this type of student job?

Your salary as a distributor depends on several factors. Your work hours and how many commercials and newspapers you distribute are two of these factors. You will have a monthly pay and our manager will tell you the exact salary when we hire you.

It is up to you if you want one or more routes each week. We recommend that you start with one route. You can always consider “expanding” with extra routes later.

Besides your salary, you will also be earning holiday allowance – this means that you still have an “income” when you are on holiday. And speaking of holidays; if you would like extra hours during the holidays, this is also an option for you.

What do we expect from you?

We like to think that this job is for everyone. It is not just a student job. For example, our oldest distributor is 86 years old! We are looking for people who take pride in being a reliable, stable distributor – regardless of age, nationality and so on. We simply need someone who takes pride in their work effort, likes to cooperate, and delivers the newspapers with a smile.

In short, we need people who recognise that correct distribution is the key to our success. If you are …

  • Great at following instructions
  • Reliable and flexible
  • Willing to go the extra mile when need be
  • Cooperative and service-minded
  • An outdoorsy type – the job is outside in all kinds of weather

… then we might need you. Please send us your application for a student job if you think that you are a match.

Interested in becoming a distributor?

Fill in the application form and we will contact you.

Are there any formal requirements before I apply for this student job?

Please be aware that if you are a foreigner and you do not have Danish citizenship we have some formal requirements when it comes to specific documents to be able to hire you. Find them below.

If you need help with the specific documents or have any questions, please contact SIRI (The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration – Styrelsen for International Rekruttering og Integration)



  • Passport/ID card
  • Yellow card/Danish health insurance card (gult sygesikringsbevis)
  • Registration certificate (only applicable if you do not have your yellow card already)



  • Passport
  • Yellow card/Danish health insurance card (gult sygesikringsbevis)
  • Residence/work permit (the pink card)

If you have the listed documents, we will be happy to hear from you.

Want to know more about the job?

Get exercise while doing your job

The job as a distributor is a physical job where you either walk or bike with the trailer (unless you use your car). We consider this kind of student job an advantage as you get a lot of fresh air while going about your day, doing your job, and getting paid at the same time. If you love the outdoors, this is quite nice – and not at all something you find in every student job in Denmark.

Should you encounter snow or a rainy day, then there is another advantage: You plan your work yourself, meaning that you can wait until the rain has stopped. As long as you respect the deadline of your route, everything else is quite up to you.


Other advantages in this student job

As you might have noticed, we mentioned special discount agreements. When you work at FK Distribution, this is one of the unique advantages for you as an employee. We provide our distributors with a wide range of discount agreements, and this means that you get discounts on everything from shopping and vacations to restaurants, experiences and so on.

We will tell you more about it when you have applied for the student job, as this is part of your own personal profile at


About FK Distribution

If you are considering joining us or a student job, you are not alone. FK Distribution has more than 10.000 employees in Denmark – and most of them are students and young people who are dedicated to bringing commercials and newspapers out every week.

When you take on the responsibility of a student job at FK Distribution, we will make sure that you are well-instructed and feel safe in your new job. We offer thorough instructions and guidance in order for you to do your best on the job. In this sense, FK Distribution is a big step in the right direction in your career – in more than one way.