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Part time job in Denmark

Looking for a flexible part time job in Denmark?

Are you looking for a job in Denmark where you can earn some money? Then here is a great opportunity to work as a deliverer for FK Distribution. We can offer you work up to 4 days a week and have job openings all over Denmark.
This part time job is for individuals who are looking for a flexible job and are interested in working outdoors. It is possible to do the job in various ways – you can walk or ride your bike, but we also have routes that are out in the country, here you’ll need a car.

Part time job in Denmark as a deliverer

This part time job is easy to do and offers you a flexibility that allows you to plan your work day exactly as you want.
All the commercials and newspapers are delivered at your home address and the commercials are packed in sets. On each of them you will find an address that informs you where you have to deliver them. In addition to that all the commercials are put in order which means you just have to follow the street you are walking on and put the commercials and newspapers in the right mailboxes as you meet them along the way.
It is your job to make sure that every household get precisely that set of commercials and newspapers that they have asked for. In this way we make sure that we can deliver high quality to the households and customers.
When you are done with your work, you need to tell us that you have completed your route and let us know if there have been any challenges while on the route.
If this sounds interesting to you, you are welcome to apply for the job by filling in the application form here.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals that want to deliver quality work, want to work outdoors and have a great sense of responsibility. Flexibility is also a key factor in this job. A part time job as a deliverer can offer you work up to 4 days a week* but also 1-2 hours a week depending on what you are interested in.
We do not have any requirements regarding educational background for the part time job. You just need to speak English to an understandable level.

Are you interested in this part time job in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus or another city in Denmark please fill in our application form.
If we have a route near you we will call you and offer you a job. We are looking forward to hearing from you and receiving your application for this part time job.

*Please notice that it isn’t in every city that this is possible.